BOVI 2022 - Prime and luxury bed sheet sets, coverlets, and cushions.

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VAZCOSTA - A touch of Luxury






NP-HOME 22 - Plain dye towel sets made of regular and organic cotton (GOTS) + Linen.

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organic cotton + Linen = 95%co+5%li / 60%co+40%li

design - NP A864, NP A866, NP A868, NP 5305


combed cotton towels NP 4198 - 27 plain colour shades

combed cotton bathrobes and slippers - 8 plain colour shades.


conventional cotton

NP B200 - 600gsm, low twist, 4 plain colours

NP 7354 - 500gsm - fringes, 6 plain colours

NP D773 BN 2297 - 500gsm, 'stair stitch', 4 plain colours

NP D845 - 500gsm - waffle & terry - 4 plain colours.


twisted yarn - double stitch - optical white - fastness to washing 90ªC - Oeko Tex Standard 100 - certified by CITEVE.

Towels: Ref 40 - 400gsm; Ref 44 - 440gsm; Ref Luxo - 500gsm

Mats: Ref 62 - 620gsm; Ref NP4449 - 1100gsm

Hairdresser towels 50x90 - 380gsm - white and black colour.

AHC 2022 - Bed sheet set SUBLIME. 100% Egyptian cotton Giza 45 2000 TC.

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Luxury Home Linen Collection

Egyptian cotton Gisa 45 2000TC.

Egyptian cotton 400TC, 430TC, 525TC, 600TC, 800TC.

Cotton 200TC, 300TC

Silk | Cotton/Silk | Linen | Linen/Cotton.

Cashmere | Cotton

Bedsheets | Duvet covers | Pillowcases

Coverlets | Shams

Bedspreads | Throws | Cushions


Bath towels | Bathrobes

Eye masks

BLANK - Home bath towel sets made of 1. Bamboo 2. Organic  3. Classic 4. Supima.

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CLASSIC cotton ref.: 7095

23 plain colours

SUPIMA cotton ref.: D418

12 plain colours

ORGANIC cotton ref.: 8953

6 plain colours


BAMBOO ref.: 8113

6 plain colours

Collections of Prime and Luxury home linen brands, sheets and towels, made in Portugal.

Egyptian cotton sheet sets 2000TC Giza 45.

Mulberry silk bed sheet sets.

European-washed linen sheets.

Cotton bath towels - Supima, Organic GOTS and Egyptian, and Bamboo.

Please, do not be left behind, and place the best brands on the front line of your store.

Bed linen collections: AHC and VAZCOSTA.

Bath towel collections: BLANK Home and NP Home.

- Maybe the articles that fit the taste and needs of those most demanding consumers are looking!

Pamper your customers with the increasingly renowned bed and bath linen brands, that we make, here in Portugal.

Terry towel sets: face, hand, bath towels and sheets; smooth piece dyed, jacquard embossed, and stonewashed. Made of Supima, Egyptian, regular, micro and Organic cotton; Bamboo and Linen.
Bedding sets: Printed, plain dyed colour, stonewashed and jacquard; Satin and Percale bed sheets; washed linen bedding sets. Velvet flannel bedding sets. Made of Egyptian cotton | Silk | Cotton/Silk | Linen | Linen/Cotton | Cashmere | Cotton
Egyptian cotton bedding sets thread count: 200TC, 300TC, 400TC, 430TC, 525TC, 600TC, 800TC, and 2000TC.
Tablecloths, Napkins and Runners: printed, plain and jacquard table sets, made of cotton, linen, or blends of cotton with polyester.
Terry wears, slippers, plus a bag and hat.
Striped velour beach towels and stonewashed damask beach towels.
Coverlets & Shams, Bedspreads, Throws and Cushions, Blankets stonewashed damask.
Eye masks.
Sauna & Spa: Bathrobes, caps, slippers, Body wrap towels, hair wrap towels, bath headband,
Kitchen & tea towels
Bath towel sets for Home, Hotel, Sauna, and Spa.

We got these home textile collections to meet the refinement, luxury, comfort and warmth of your home, wherever it is in the world.

Portuguese home linen brand collections - prime and luxury, made with all care and detail, with selected raw materials and high-quality finished fabrics.

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