Portowel® is a B2B platform, created at the end of 2015.

A partnership with the most innovative and sustainable manufacturers of home textiles in Portugal.


Every day is a good chance for ethics, be it with all partners: manufacturers and customers or with the planet; all are part of our commitment to future generations.


The office is located in the village of Ponte da Barca, in Northern Portugal, close to the textile cluster of Vale do Ave.


Portowel® focuses activity in Promotion, Sales & Marketing, and the follow-up after sales:

Collections & Bespoke
Bedding, Bath towels & Tablecloths for the house.
Bed, Bath & Table linen for the Hospitality & Spa.
Beach towels, Surf ponchos & hooded towels.


Can I have quality samples?
Yes, but depending on the specs of the request, Portowel® can ask the customer to support the shipping cost.


The development of a sample is an investment, so we may ask the customer for a caution/deposit payment. This amount may vary from 150€ to 450/500€
As soon as we issue the order confirmation, must fulfil the MOQ, and we deduct the caution value from the bill.


In addition to environmental friendliness and sustainable practices, there's an added value to every piece of textile, translated into durability, public health and home economy.


The most common certificate is the Oeko Tex Standard 100 - Confidence in Textiles.
All the certificates below are available to show. Not all factories possess all the certifications.

It has been a long walk full of challenges marked by some important steps:

1. Build and invest in water treatment plants for effluent decontamination. The rivers must have back the role of natural habitat for fish and plants.

2. As far as energy, most factories installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the plants. In addition to renewable and clean energy sources, this source gets down-the-mill costs and fits most of the power needs.

3. As far as eco-friendliness, the development of fibres extracted from wood trees, bamboo, hemp, nettle, etc. and the good news is all those fibres are 100% biodegradable!

4. As far as the certifications, the surveillance of procedures, namely on three lines:

A - The culture, the harvest and the storage of the raw materials.
B - The impacts on human health, whether mill employees or consumers.
C - The trading moves: 1. Raw materials. 2. Human sources exploitation. 3. Fair commerce. 4. Recycling.

Home textiles certificates. Cotton sources + BCI, Flax, Sedex and Oeko Tex 100. SGS NP 9001 and SGS NP 4457.

R. Cónego Avelino Jesus Costa, 137

4980-632 Ponte da Barca


Phone: +351 258 488 710

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