Soft towels for the House, the Beach, the Hotel & the Spa..

Find here a few of the best and most advanced manufacturers of home textiles in Portugal.

Prime and luxury home linens, be it bespoke or in the collections as a stock service:

Lofty, thick, soft towels for the bath, the beach or the spa.
Cosy, warm or cool bed sheets.

Bedspreads and shams, throws and cushions.
Plain, printed and jacquard fabrics.
Vintage, trendy or timeless designs.

Etc. etc.

We have been using the 'old' and traditional Linen, Silk and Cotton - Egypt, Supima, Conventional and the Organic GOTS.

And now, we moved to the adoption of the 'new' sustainable fibres, such as:

1. From the 'wood' Bamboo and Tencel.
2. From the 'bush' Hemp and Nettle.
3. From the 'fruit' Kapok and Pineapple.
4. From the 'wool' Merino.

Prime and Luxury bed sheet sets for the House and the Hotel.

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